Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tamatar ki Chat, Sangeeta Ji kya baat kya baat

I follow this wonderful blog of Sangeeta.
. I came across this recipe and could not resist the temptation to make it. Since I don't like raw onions much, I didn't put them. But other than that I followed this recipe. The chat is delicious, totally different than what I have tasted so far. One word of caution, it does make a big difference if you make it in Iron skillet. Don't use your non-stick pan for this. Stick to traditional iron skillet. Here is the original recipe . And here is the yummy chat :)


  1. Wow Kyaa baat !!!

    Hi Poonam...Thanks for dropping by my blog as this is how i could see your wonderful blog and this tamatar ki chaat too. Using a traditional iron skillet really makes a difference as you pointed out.

    Liked many of your recipes like besan ke laddu ,beans subzi and fruit chaat. Incidentally , those malpuas have been a fave with my daughter too.

  2. Hi Poonam ...Now i realized we have communicated earlier too . I am so sorry for my bad memory :)

    Regarding the question you asked , Yes you can make butter and ghee from homogenised milk.
    Get full cream milk , (here we get 6% fat), boil and keep in the fridge for 10-12 hrs. There will be a thick layer of malai over it . That malai you can use for making butter and ghee both. The leftover milk will be like any skimmed milk fit for consumption.
    I had few more requests regarding this and have taken a few pictures of the process , will post them soon.

  3. Dear Poonam
    I feel good reading your comment at my blog. I always try to put a vege option for non vege recipes.
    I like this recipe, in fact Sangeeta gives great recipes always.
    I as a rule dont use non stick utensils, they are unfit for Indian cooking. No matter how much you wash, you cant get read of the Indian spicy smell from the coating. Making Dosa is a disaster on non sticks...
    Have a nice day