Saturday, August 14, 2010

Samosa Chat

I still remember those TIFR days when we used to go to Navy Nagar sweet shop and order Samosa chat. That chat plate for Rs. 10 used to be the most delicious thing. It was the awesome combination of great friends and this great chat which makes me so nostalgic. In Canada we cannot simply go to a halwai and have samosa chat so I decided to give it a try. I must say it turned out to be great.
This is what you need for this awesome dish (I am giving recipe for one person). Most of the recipes for ingredients are already in my blog and I am giving the link here:
Two Samosas
2 tbsp plain yogurt
4 tbsp canned Garbanzo beans (if you wish you can heat it and add a pinch of salt)
2 tbsp tamarind chutney
1 tsp Dhaniya chutney
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of red pepper powder
1/2 tsp chat masala
A pinch of cumin seeds roasted and crushed
4-5 Garvi Gujarat 3-in-1 puris

In a plate take two samosas and press gently to break it. Put garbanzo beans and yogurt. Put tamarind chutney and dhaniya chutney on top of it. Spread pinch of salt, red pepper and roasted and crushed cumin seeds. Spread chat masala. Take 4-5 Garvi gujarat puris and crush it and put on top. The delicious chat is ready.

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