Thursday, June 3, 2010

Homemade healthy frappachino

This recipe is inspired by Starbucks Caramal frappachino which is Nitin's favorite. But he cannot have it regularly as it is crazy expensive. Its difficult to make their frappachino at home because we do not have espresso machine at home, nor do we know their secret recipe. However, I came up with this healthy frappachino, which tastes amazing as well as not much dense in calories. And best part is that if you have stuff at home, you can make in 2 minutes. To make this frappachino, I bought the vanilla syrup and caramal sauce from Starbucks. I know it can be made at home too but the sauce and syrup is really not expensive and make frappachino experience really easy.
Here is how you can make it:

2 tbsp Starbucks Vanilla Syrup
2-3 tbsp Starbucks Caramal sauce
1 cup 2% cold milk
few Ice cubes (I put 4 to be precise)
1 tsp instant coffee (I used Nestle instant coffee)
2 oz warm water
Some whipped cream
An attractive glass (to show off your frappachino:)

In a glass pour 2 tbsp vanilla syrup. In a bottle pour one cup milk and shake it for few seconds so that it becomes frothy (I used a cleaned pasta sauce bottle). Pour this frothy milk in the glass. Add few ice-cubes in the glass. Now in a small bottle, pour 2 oz warm water and 1 tsp coffee and shake it vigorously for a few seconds (I used cleaned baby food bottle :)). Pour this coffee gently on the glass. If poured correctly, it will reach only half way in the glass. Now add some whipped cream (Hey, not much calories. Four tbsp whipped cream has just 40 calories and 2 gm sugar). Now drizzle with caramal sauce and this delicious and healthy summer drink is ready.

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