Monday, November 15, 2010

Fish with maximum chilli you can handle, Thanks Ushnish!

I am a vegetarian but usually cook fish and chicken for my husband and many times taste the curry part of the final product too!!! The other day DH asked me to make a different style of hot fish and I stumbled upon Ushnish's blog which I found is the best for non-vegetarian spicy recipes. I immediately chose one of the easy looking fish recipe and it turned out to be one of the most delicious fish I have ever made (thats what DH said :)). Look at my pretty pictures of the final product and please follow the this link for the original recipe. Just one word of caution - take many napkins with you while eating even if you claim you can handle the most spicy food!!!! Even though I used 1 tsp less chilli powder than suggested in Ushnish's recipe, when I tasted the curry it was the fire blast in my mouth!!! I did not have the fish Ushnish suggested so I used 2 big pieces of Salmon fish.

Here is the fish pieces after frying them.

The final product in the pan:
And then served to DH..He wanted me to leave little gravy and he ate it with rotis...


  1. Dear Poonam
    I feel honored that you made this dish. It is my mom's fast recipe. The photos are superb..I am going to make it today after s long time.It is good that you did not get the fish I used. It has too many bones embedded.
    Next time use Kashmiri chili powder..Actually the fried chili powder fragrance will be same.
    I feel great that I am in company of learned people like you and your H.
    Let me see what all the great dishes you have here..Cooking is such a great stress reliever..I inducted many Managers to take up cooking as a hobby and they thank me.
    Please see Sngeeta's blog at

    Have an exciting week and happy cooking

  2. Hi,

    Beautiful fish recipe...Can i have a bite please!!:)